Technical Specifications

For your website administrator

The end product is a zipped folder with html, css, js, images and optional PDF documents. In the folder there is an index.html file, this file is opened in a new browser window, it is a full screen web application and has a button to return to the main site. It only needs a link to open the web page from the main site.

  • Pages are simple HTML with CSS and Javascript.
  • Built with JQuery and Bootstrap.
  • No WordPress, Database, CMS or Plugins.
  • No FLASH - all animations are CSS
  • It is a "responsive design" to adapt to smartphones, tablets, noteooks and desktops.
  • It has no forms or other interactivity with the site visitor.
  • Designed so that it is easy to integrate into another site.

We can also host the pages for you or help you locate it on an outside service.